What to wear to yoga?

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what to wear to yoga class today? you might be a yoga beginner, or practice yoga daily, we all want to look good, but during the practice, the last thing you want to think about is how your clothes look like while practicing. That is why the best place is loose but still hugging, or tight but soft. 

Yoga and Fashion. My story…

I practice yoga most of each day.
I teach a class every day; I write about yoga, I also design yoga clothing. When I come across a challenge, I often take my mind to the mat and visualize a flow.

I also love to feel and look esthetic, especially while teaching or escaping into a pose outdoors. Let’s face it, Instagram provides the platform…

This article is about my experience with Yoga-wear and fashion. what to wear for women yoga needs, what is good for men yoga wear needs, to feel comfortable and natural, because yoga wears matters, for your muscles, for your skin, for your energy between you and the cloth you put on yourself. its the way you feel before and after practicing yoga and meditation.

as a yoga beginner, I remember myself searching for the right clothing to wear to yoga class, and each time the type of practice or the weather changed my needs, I had to find the ultimate all-weather fabric for all types of yoga, which I can wear all day stay comfy, put on and off layers and still look stylish to go for formal places.

5 years ago we lived in Paris for about a year. It was the year I realized I want to be in this industry. I watched the women on the street, their facial expression their posture, the way they walked and the power of fashion hit me. It was about freedom.
Women are free to choose their wear and the ones that took it a little more seriously carried themselves in a way that was new to me. they were confident, or at least they seemed to be.

I was fascinated, excited like I found the work of my dreams.

Then, we moved to the middle of nowhere in the very north of the state of NY.

I started teaching yoga at the local studio and volunteering at the women’s jail.

Like in Paris, I was absorbing my students and their relationship with their yoga fashion. In jail, watching the inmate fighting with their uniforms doing yoga, confirm my realization that fashion is freedom.

In yoga class I find that first of all, I need confidence to truly concentrate in a pose to feel the flow of breath. Even more so while teaching, I need a professional, neat and comfortable style to be radiantly beautiful. I put lots of thought into this, and so do all the activewear brands…but they have millions of dollars worth of research and resources.

Unfortunately, their average medium size yoga clothes don’t work for my body. The shiny polyester fabric makes me think of how see-through it is, and how my cellulite is celebrated, rather than camouflaged away.

I feel inhibited by fancy yoga wear. I felt distracted by what I was wearing!

So, I decided to look for beautiful clothes that are natural and comfortable. I couldn’t find any that worked for me!

My only criteria (at the time) was for the clothing to look ‘pro’ enough to wear to a business meeting and then ‘chill’ enough to hang out with friends afterward. I started sketching and researching fabrics. I was hooked on the process.

Leotards were first on my list.


So I can be present for my yoga students, not messing with my shirt during every sequence. I don’t always wear a bodysuit when I practice and I know the difference. I need to focus, not worry about my belly flashing the students or pants sliding down too far.

I feel that with a leotard I have so much freedom to choose complimentary clothes - it looks great with baggy pants, leggings, shorts or even a skirt. I don’t just wear my leotard by itself, even though I’m comfortable showing a lot of legs too!

Personally and ethically I choose natural and sustainable fabrics. They are softer, stronger and have a more luxurious look. Outside the studio, they are more than just yoga clothing - outfits designed for superwomen!


What is the ideal yoga wear for hot yoga?

You should wear a sleeveless shirt, a natural fabric crop top, a tank top, or even a sports bra can be the right choice. Do not wear an oversized shirt which may fall down and break your concentration. Cotton tops with 45% Cotton 45% Modal 10% Spandex fabric can be ideal since they will absorb more than any other natural fabric.

What are yoga pants? Are leggings the same thing?

Yoga pants vs leggings

I like to think of my yoga pants as a piece of natural clothing that feels like something it's not; a superior version of good old sweatpants. 

Leggings are great if they really fit your body perfectly. It's usually harder to find the right pair, and they can feel too constricting during the practice.

Yoga pants need a wide waistband, to absorb moisture, and prevent the pants from sliding down as you move during the practice.  best yoga pants have just enough room in the legs to stretch without forcing a change in the shape of the body during the flow.

I like natural fabrics the most because they are softest, and don't feel sticky while I break a sweat.


Do you have to be barefoot to practice yoga?
Unless you have an injury or infection in your feet, it is recommended to practice yoga barefoot. Some postures require certain positioning of your feet and/or figure. If you cant practice yoga barefoot, you can wear light shoes with flexible soles.

don't wear shoes or socks for yoga

what to wear to yoga in the winter

A cozy and hugged one piece can provide extra warmth on a cold day. It is also there if you get too warm so you can peel the layers off.  


What to wear to yoga when you're on your period?

Our cozy natural and sustainable fabric one piece has a unique opening in the lower back that allows easy access when needed. During your period, it's important that you'll feel confident and secure. I personally like to wear dark colors, just in case. 


What should guys wear to yoga?

Men usually wear loose pants or shorts to yoga. Guys can wear loose shirts or tank tops, and quick drying natural fabrics are ideal for intensive yoga workouts.

men yoga wear

 what to wear to yoga plus size?

The average size American woman wears a size 14, some women wear larger and some smaller. It is important to feel comfortable in the yoga class, so wear what you feel good for your body. Wearing yoga leotard under natural fabric layer will allow to feel free of showing skin and at the same time let your skin breath during the workout, wearing pancha yoga pants (called harem pants or puna pants) can flatter your figure while allowing you to practice yoga asanas freely, and walk out from yoga class to the streets with a stylish look.

yoga wear plus size with style



wearing leotard allows you to be present in the class, so you don't have to play with your pants and you can stay focused on practicing yoga.

What is yoga fashion?

Yoga clothing can have style! people connect yoga with simplicity and its true, yoga fashion trends follow that line, the top yoga bands are inspired by the natural look of Indian traditional clothing. yoga fashion stats with simplicity and at the same time allows you to move from one activity to another, with the clothes you like to wear and healthy fabrics.

 fashion yoga to wear

Guidance For Clothes Captioning

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  • I like to wear leggings at the time of yoga session; it’s not irritating and perfectly fit to body and easily to move.
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