what is the best fabric for yoga, workout & athleisure?

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When it comes to athleisure and yoga, and sports activity what is the best choice for fabric?

It took me a year research the fabrics I want to wear before, while and after teaching or practicing yoga.

I tried many yoga wear brands that made their appeal from organic cotton to recycled polyester.

In my research period, I looked for that feeling of security with freedom. I love the support but not the tightness. The natural fabrics felt the best. I came across a bland of cotton and Modal which felt so soft yet it was not supportive enough. I found the base and decided on the direction of the path of fabric search.

I didn't know what Modal is so I dove into the web and was fascinated with all the information.

Here are few facts about this amazing fabric:

1.Modal was developed in Japan in the 1950s

2.Modal is a trade name for "high wet modulus" rayon, it was developed to have a higher wet strength (50% more) than regular viscose rayon or cotton.

3.Modal fabric is soft and silk-like on the skin.

4.Lenzing Modal is made exclusively in Austria and uses eco-friendly processes throughout production.

Is it natural?

Well, it is considered to be semi-synthetics fabric since it’s a man-made fabric, Modal is spun out of wood pulp from beech tree chips. Basically, the wood fibers are pulped into liquid form and forced through tiny holes to create the fiber. This is then woven to make the modal fabric.

Modal fibers are often blended with cotton for use in clothing. The resulting fabric gives Modal garments a more robust feel and also makes the cotton seem lighter. The mix of cotton, a natural fiber, makes cool and breathable clothes.

Why Yoga?

Because it’s my job and I want to look and feel the best doing the thing I love the best!

And also, Modal and cotton-Modal blend fabrics may be mixed with other fibers, such as spandex, to give stretch. This is ideal for leisure clothing and yoga clothes that require stretching, your clothes stretch with you. Although spandex is not breathable, only a small quantity is necessary to give the needed stretch -- 5 to 10 percent -- so it does not affect the overall breathability of a Modal-blend garment.

the modal will absorb the moisture so that your sweat won't be on your skin during the workout. The synthetic fabrics will not absorb any of the moisture so your skin will hold it and be trapped by your wear.
wearing natural fabrics will reduce skin sensitivities and allergies.

How eco-friendly is it?
Lenzing has developed innovative environmental processes for the manufacture of Lenzing Modal. These non-toxic technologies have allowed Lenzing to recover up to 95% of Modal’s production materials.

The environmental footprint of Lenzing Modal is a positive one – it’s carbon-neutral, requires less land per tonne than cotton fibers and has a water consumption level that’s 10-20 times less than that of cotton. Modal is positioned by many ethical brands as an eco-friendly choice.

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