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Recognizing Thanks

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I met my cousin today, on the Mediterranean sea in Jaffa port. We talked about meditation and spirituality, stimulated by the glorious view. He said, “I want to practice gratitude but sometimes I wish I had a bigger apartment.”

To fully understand the meaning of the word gratitude, I translate it to Hebrew - I arrive at ‘recognizing thanks.’

Does that mean realizing how good you have it, or realizing how bad some people have it?

Does it mean be happy with what you’ve got, or be happy you don't have it as bad as someone else?

To me, for some reason, putting it so dry like that seems…not very spiritual.

I think spicing it up with inspiration and goals, that improve your quality of life, changes the picture. There is no conflict. One feeds the other. Without gratitude, the process of reaching higher would not be joyful and therefore would end. And the practice of gratitude without higher goals simply disappears in the routine fabric of daily life.

Practice Gratitude

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