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Happy to introduce 

Rivka Rocchio. Assistant Professor of Theatre at SUNY Potsdam. Mother of a wild-hearted three year old. Lover of avocado, walks in the woods, dark chocolate, and all things that bring communities closer together. 




Yoga began as a physical, on-the-mat, practice when I was 15, but i really started living the practice when I turned 25. Every day I return to the concepts around movement supported by breath, integrity in transitions, and the interconnectedness of the space around and inside of us. For the last decade, yoga has helped me nourish myself through struggle and joy. 

Rivka is wearing the grey Neva pants and orange crop top

Yoga in jail:

The women who take yoga at St. Lawrence County Correctional Facility have taught me immensely about the practice of yoga. One class they asked me to bring in the music of Mariah Carey. I'm not a huge Mariah Carey fan, but I bought the essential two-disc cd and brought it in. We were in Virabhadrasana when "Dream Lover," started playing and all the women spontaneously started singing along. It struck me in this moment, with our victorious arms raised, singing about love and celebrating the moment, how yoga has the power to create exactly what is needed. It was such a powerful moment in which, for just a second, we shared joy inside a placed designed to prevent it.  

Rivka is wearing the Modal TREENI leotard and the black Pancha harem pants.

Dream destination:

My dream destination combines the Spanish cuisine, the rain forests and mountains in the Olympic Peninsula, Kauai's beaches, and my family and closest friends. Yoga every day and no clocks!  

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