Body Suit of your dreams by Amanda Nicole

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I feel most effortless when I can wear a bodysuit. It’s beautiful in its simplicity and versatile in my needs. The only problem is that it’s impossible to find a comfortable, functional and stylish. I have way too many that are see-through, which completely defeat the purpose of wearing them out or to do yoga in. The ones with snaps in the crotch are uncomfortable. I’ve even had one that was Velcro… and it was awful. The ones that are just one piece are okay, difficult to get on and off and a little annoying for pee breaks.


What if I told you I found a brand that is soft, comfortable, not see-through, no snaps or Velcro, and still functional for your everyday needs? Well, more like they found me and I fell in love.

PirateFlo is soft and super comfortable and anything of theirs will become your favorite thing to own and wear. Their suits are made with a slit in the lower back and fold down easily for those bathroom breaks, avoiding uncomfortables snaps. Even though the suits are form-fitting they are also super stretchy so I didn’t have to fight it to get it on.

I practiced in it and never had to readjust and even better I just slipped on a pair of shorts and a mala and was ready to go out. It wicks sweat away and is awesome even on the hottest days! I really look forward to trying out PirateFlo another bodysuit I’m keeping on my wish list! They are definitely stape pieces for any wardrobe and can be used in so many different ways. I love that I can slip a skirt on and be ready for a date night or come home and practice some Yin before I head to bed.

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